Plumbing Services

We employ experienced and professional technicians who are proficient in using the latest technology to diagnose and resolve plumbing issues, including concealed burst pipes, leak detection, sewer and drain blockages, hot water installation and maintenance and all general plumbing.

No Dig Pipe Repairs

We specialise in fixing cracked, broken or blocked drains without excavating. The process involves installing a one piece liner within the existing pipe. This new pipe is alone structurally stronger than PVC and bonds to the original pipework by extruding resin into all the pipe joints, cracks or breaks. Benefits to relining include the following:

  • There will be no interruptions to the residents
  • No need to remove trees
  • No need to dig up driveways or paths
  • Guaranteed never to have tree root issues again within the relined section of pipework
  • Proven process for drain line repair and renewals worldwide

The key to the technology are the patented liners and resin created by Brawoliner. These high performance solutions are used to reline the effected sewer pipe. The high performance of the liner comes from its flexible polyester loop construction that enables it to expand to line pipes of varying diameter, while also being able to negotiate multiple 90 degree bends without wrinkling, for an overall seamless, smooth finish inside the pipe. The resin itself is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion while remaining environmentally friendly, with a durability of over 50 years.

Leak Detection, Water and Gas

Strata Plumbing Services use the latest technology and highly skilled technicians to diagnose and resolve all plumbing issues, e.g. heat detection devices, sonar pipe detection and listening devices. This enables us to accurately and quickly find problems, causing the least disruption to clients as possible.

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